dwæscan, wk.v: to extinguish, put out. (DWASK-on)


Croesus kneels in a fire which is extinguished by the rain pouring from a cloud above. John Lydgate’s translation of Boccaccio’s The Fall of Princes. SE England (probably Suffolk, possibly Bury St Edmunds), c. 1450-c. 1460. British Library, MS Harley 1766, f. 133r. [bl.uk]

Bonus post: a wordhord for “in”

Citation Slips for IN Prep and Adv

The Toronto Dictionary of Old English (DOE) recently finished proofreading the 111-page entry for Old English in! Here’s their physical wordhord of citation slips, all for this one word with more than 11,000 occurrences. If you want to subscribe to the DOE’s “Word of the Week”, you can add your email to their list here. They are currently doing all i-words and plan to release letter “i” in August.