læt-rǣde, adj: slow to act or decide, deliberate. (LAET-RAE-duh / ˈlæt-ˌræː-də)

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fǣhþ, f.n: feud, vengeance, enmity, hostility, deadly feud, that enmity which the relations of the deceased waged against the kindred of the murderer. (FAE’H’TH / ˈfæːxθ)

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cyne-þrymm, m.n: royal majesty, kingly glory; royal power. (KUE-nuh-THRUEM / ˈky-nə-ˌθrym)

Medieval manuscript image of a king, flanked by two saints, holding a tablet or book up to Christ, who sits in a mandorla surrounded by angels.
King Edgar of England offering his charter to Christ, the frontispiece of his charter; England (Benedictine Abbey of New Minster, Winchester), c. 966; British Library, Cotton MS Vespasian A VIII, f. 2v. [bl.uk]