rīm-cræftig, adj: skillful in computation. (REEM-KRAFT-ee)

Tables and treatises on the computation of the calendar. S. England (London?), c. 1425. London, Wellcome Library, MS 8515. [commons.wikimedia.org] This file comes from Wellcome Images, a website operated by Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation based in the United Kingdom. Refer to Wellcome blog post (archive). This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.


spell-bōc, f.n: a book of homilies. [SPELL-BOK]

For this week’s Wordhord Wednesday post, take a closer look at this Anglo-Saxon manuscript. Read my post on Patreon.

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A much damaged folio from a book of Old English homilies, including the first series of Ælfric’s Catholic Homilies. England (south-east? south-west?), fourth quarter of the 10th century to first half of the 11th century. British Library, Cotton MS Vitellius C V, fol. 5v. [bl.uk]