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iPad and iPhone, each showing the Wordhord App cover with a dragon and hwæt as the word of the day.
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Experience the Wordhord in a whole new way…

Two iPhones in light and dark mode, each showing a widget with an Old English word of the day. hrēaðe-mūs: bat (a mouse adorned with wings) and lufian: to love.


See the Old English Word of the Day on your Home Screen!

Listen to Pronunciations

Old English word and pronunciation. neorxnawang.

Tap the pronunciation to hear it spoken.

Written pronunciations are available in simplified and IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) styles.

Only words posted after May 2020 support this feature but the process of updating older words is well underway.

iPhone showing the Old English Wordhord app with the cover open and two words. wlitig-fæst: beauteous and bōc-hūs: library with a medieval manuscript image of four roped people surrounded by scrolls of text.

Browse the Archive

Scroll through thousands of words dating back to 2013!

iPhone showing the Favourites tab of the Old English Wordhord app. Medieval manuscript illustration of a cat-snail and the text: 7 words hoarded

Save Your Favourites

Create your own word hoard, synchronized via iCloud across all your devices.

iPhone showing the Categories tab of the Old English Wordhord app. Medieval manuscript illustration of a bird man creature and a list of categories on a scroll.

Browse by Category

From runes and kennings to weather and monsters.

iPhone showing a fullscreen manuscript image with some text and two whales with several large fish in their mouths.

Fullscreen Images

Tap any image to see it fullscreen and zoom in to see even more detail.

iPhone showing the Old English Wordhord app in dark mode with a word displaying. holster: darkness with a manuscript illustration of a man holding a sphere that's half-black, half-white

Dark Mode

Influenced by a medieval-style “dark mode” where manuscripts were inscribed in gold on pages dyed a deep bluish-black.

Old English Wordhord App with the cover closed where all the gold elements shimmer.

Gold Shimmer

Many manuscripts shimmer under the light due to their use of gold leaf. Gold elements in the Wordhord can shimmer in the same way when you move your device.

This feature can be enabled in settings.

Bottom of an iPhone showing the Old English Wordhord app with the Wordhord tab item highlighted. Below is a speaker icon with the text: Tab Bar. Selected. Wordhord. Tab 1 of 4.


The Wordhord aims to be accessible to all and currently supports Dynamic Type, Reduced Motion and VoiceOver. Human-written alt text is available on images that accompany every new word.

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Hoofed man with a bird hat in a circle.

@OEWordhordApp for support and to find out about new updates and features.