salu-brūn, adj: dark-brown. [SA-loo-BROON]

This week’s Wordhord Wednesday is on the ring-taking, spiritual pilgrims, and an Old English poem known as The Seafarer. Read it on Patreon.


An image in dark-brown of the devil and cat worshippers kissing a cat’s rear end. Jean Tinctor, Traittié du crisme de vauderie (Sermo contra sectam vaudensium). Bruges, c. 1470-1480. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Français 961, fol. 1r. []


hrīm-ceald, adj: icy cold. [HREEM-CHAY-ald]

This week’s Wordhord Wednesday post is on the rime-cold sea. Read and hear it on Patreon.


Calendar page for February, painted by the Limbourg brothers for Jean, Duc de Berry: “Medieval and Renaissance Interiors” by Eva Oledzka, found on Patricia Lovett’s blog. Does anyone have more specific manuscript info? []