ebur-þring, m.n: the celestial sign Orion. (EH-bur-THRING / ˈɛ-bʌr-ˌθrɪŋ)

Medieval manuscript image of a man with a sword dotted with red circles to represent the shape of the constellation Orion; the man stands inside blocks of text that are shaped like a house.
De duodecim signis (astronomical treatise); England (Peterborough), 1120-1135; British Library, Cotton MS Tiberius C I, f. 27v. [bl.uk]


hold, adj: kind, friendly, pleasant, favourable, gracious (of a prince to his subject), faithful, loyal, devoted (of a subject to his prince). (HOLD / ˈhɔld)


ā-wenian, wk.v: to wean; to detach (someone) from an activity. (ah-WEH-ni-ahn / aː-ˈwɛ-nɪ-an)

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forþian, wk.v: to send (something) forth/out; to promote, advance (the well-being of someone/something); to carry out, accomplish (a task, undertaking, etc). (FOR-thi-ahn / ˈfɔr-θɪ-an)