þenning, f.n: stretching, extension. (THEN-ning / ˈθɛn-nɪŋ)

Medieval manuscript image of a horse stretching its neck up to the roof of a shelter, causing some bread, cheese and a cloth to fall down beside a kneeling man.
St Cuthbert’s horse finding bread and cheese in the roof, in Bede’s Life of St Cuthbert. England (Durham), 12th century. British Library, Yates Thompson MS 26, f. 14r. [blogs.bl.uk]


ymb-clyppan, wk.v: to embrace. (umb-KLUP-pahn / ɝmb-ˈklɝp-pan)

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Medieval manuscript image of two monkeys embracing.
Fieschi Psalter. Flemish, late 13th century. The Walters Art Museum, W.45, f. 68v. [thedigitalwalters.org]