Wordhord Book

Coming this autumn: an entertaining and illuminating collection of weird, wonderful and downright baffling words from the origins of English…

A book titled "The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English" by Hana Videen

Old English is the language we think we know until we actually see it. Used in England over a thousand years ago, it is rich with words that haven’t changed (word), others that are unrecognisable (neorxnawang – paradise) and some that are curiously mystifying (gafol-fisc – tax-fish).

In this beautiful little book, Hana Videen has gathered these gems together to create a glorious trove and illuminate the lives, beliefs and habits of our linguistic ancestors. We discover a world where choking on a bit of bread might prove your guilt, where fiend-ship was as likely as friend-ship, and you might grow up to be a laughter-smith. These are the magical roots of our own language: you’ll never see English in the same way again.

The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English will be published in the UK by Profile Books on 4 November 2021!

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