Medieval Resources

Whether your interest is medieval manuscripts, languages, or animal lore, there’s something here for you.

Old English

  • Bosworth-Toller Dictionary – Look up Old English words.
  • Toronto Dictionary of Old English – Much more thorough (think Oxford English Dictionary for Old English), only includes words beginning with A-I so far. Get 20 free logins per year, or if you’re affiliated with a university, check to see if the library has a subscription. You can see the Word of the Week without paying for a subscription, and you can sign up to get this in email form.
  • A Thesaurus of Old English – Search for Old English words by subject rather than alphabetically.
  • Old English Translator – Translate an Old English word to modern English or vice versa.
  • Þæt Eald-Ænglisce Blog – Great post on Old English alphabet and pronunciation.
  • Old English Poetry – Database of poetry written in Old English, glossed but not translated.
  • The Riddle Ages – Provides texts, translations, and commentary of the Old English riddles in the Exeter Book.
  • Beowulf Translations – Compare over 100 different translations of Beowulf, from the beginning of the 19th century to the present.
  • Wikipǣdia – Wikipedia in Old English. Why not.

Middle English


  • British Library Digitised Manuscripts – Search the British Library’s collection of digitised manuscripts.
  • The Walters Art Museum – Manuscripts digitised by The Walters Art Museum, as well as photos of metalwork, sculpture, paintings, and stained glass.
  • Digital Bodleian – Digitised medieval and renaissance manuscripts at the Bodleian Library.
  • J. Paul Getty Museum – A beautiful collection of medieval manuscripts online.
  • Wren Digital Library – Digitised collections from the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge.
  • Open Marginalis – A selection of digitized medieval manuscripts working to guide new users to open collections for casual and scholarly use.