mōna, m/f.n: the moon. (“MOH-nah”)


Christine de Pizan and the Sibyl standing in a sphere of the cosmos, with the moon, sun and stars surrounding them, from Le chemin de long estude. France (Paris), c.1410-c.1414. British Library, Harley MS 4431, f. 189v. [blogs.bl.uk]


hrōc, m.n: a rook, a raven, a jackdaw. (“hroak”)


A mother raven flies away from her nest of five white chicks. She will not recognise them until they have grown black feathers like their father. Richard of Fournival’s Bestiaire d’Amour. France (Lorraine/Metz), first quarter of 14th century. Bodleian Library, MS. Douce 308, f. 90r. [bodley30.bodley.ox.ac.uk]