deorcian, wk.v: to darken, to grow dark. (DEH-ork-ih-ahn / ˈdɛɔr-kɪ-an)

The Wordhord App’s Dark Mode is inspired by a medieval style ‘dark-mode’ where manuscripts were inscribed in gold on pages dyed a deep bluish-black. Download the app for iOS on the App Store.

Two facing pages of a medieval manuscript made of black-dyed parchment, with an illustration of saints on the left and Latin writing in gold and white on the right; the margins are decorated with a floral design in gold leaf on a field of blue.
The Black Hours; Belgium (Bruges), c. 1480; Morgan Library & Museum, MS M.493, ff. 18v-19r. []


rǣde-fæsting, f.n: entertainment furnished to the king’s messengers when riding on the king’s business, or to those strangers who were coming to the king. (RAE-duh-VAE-sting / ˈræː-də-ˌvæ-stɪŋ)