nīþ-gæst, m.n: a malicious, malignant demon / stranger / guest / foe). [NEETH-gast]

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The Virgin Mary beats up a devil; an angel carrying a rescued soul observes. The Taymouth Hours. England (London?), 14th century. British Library, Yates Thompson 13, f. 155v. [bl.uk]


un-holda, m.n: a fiend. (UN-HOLL-da / ˈʌn-ˌhɔl-da)

Arundel 484, f.245
Miniature of a dead man and the devil. The soul was believed to exit the body through the mouth, so the devil is positioning himself for a timely catch. From Justinian’s Digestum Vetus with glossa ordinaria. France, S. (Toulouse?), c. 1300 – c. 1310. British Library, MS Arundel 484, fol. 245r. [British Library]