līg-draca, m.n: a fire-drake, dragon vomiting flames. (“LEE-DRAH-kah”)

It’s St George’s Day. I couldn’t find a medieval George fighting a fire-breathing dragon, so I’ve included a bonus image.

0423 ligdraca

A miniature of George killing the dragon in the Legenda Aurea. Paris, 1382. British Library, MS Royal 19 B XVII, f. 109r. [blogs.bl.uk]

0423b ligdraca

Dragon in Peraldus’s Theological Miscellany. England, 3rd quarter of the 13th century. British Library, MS Harley 3244, f. 59r. [bl.uk]


winter-dūn, f.n: a down or hill on which there is pasturage for sheep during the winter. (“ween-tair-doon”)


Sheep graze on a hillside while one shepherd plays pipes and the other points to a star. The Luttrell Psalter. England (Lincoln), c. 1325-1335. British Library, Additional MS 42130, f. 87v. [bl.uk]