wolcen-faru, f.n: the cloud-host, the moving clouds. (“WOHL-chen-FA-roo”)


Two groups of the nimbed Elect in Heaven (including a veiled woman and a tonsured deacon holding a palm), all standing amid clouds above a row of stars. Miscellany. Italy (Naples), last quarter of the 14th century. New York, Morgan Library, MS M.498, fol. 4v. [ica.themorgan.org]


un-weder, n.n: bad weather, tempest. (“oon-WAY-dair”)


Dante’s Divina Commedia, a scene from Canto VI, the third circle (rain, hail, wind, snow), where Virgil flings earth into the jaws of Cerberus. Tuscany, 1440s. British Library, MS Yates Thompson 36, f. 11r. [blogs.bl.uk]