ofer-ceald, adj: excessively cold. [OH-ver-CHAY-ald]

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Three sinners standing in a hell-mouth, being tormented by devils throwing ice and snow. Breviari d’Amor, by Matfré Ermengau of Béziers. E. Spain (Catalonia, Girona?), last quarter of the 14th century. British Library, Yates Thompson 31, fol. 170v. [bl.uk]


hrīm-ceald, adj: icy cold. [HREEM-CHAY-ald]

This week’s Wordhord Wednesday post is on the rime-cold sea. Read and hear it on Patreon.


Calendar page for February, painted by the Limbourg brothers for Jean, Duc de Berry: “Medieval and Renaissance Interiors” by Eva Oledzka, found on Patricia Lovett’s blog. Does anyone have more specific manuscript info? [patricialovett.com]