drohtoþ, m.n: a way of life, condition; a monastic way of life; a plight; a society, community, a shared existence. (DRO’H-toth / ˈdɹɔh-tɔθ)

Medieval manuscript image of an older monk in a chair passing a book to a group of three younger monks standing before him.
Obituarium & Commentary on the Rule of St Benedict. France (St Gilles, Nîmes), 1129. British Library, Additional 16979, f. 21v. [bl.uk]


ærce-diācon, m.n: an archdeacon. (AER-chuh-DIH-ah-kon / ˈæɹ-tʃə-ˌdɪ-aː-kɔn)

Thomas Becket, from Alan of Tewkesbury’s compilation of his letters. SE England (Cirencester?), 4th quarter of 12th century. British Library, Cotton MS Claudius B II, f. 341r. [bl.uk]