ancor-līf, n.n: eremitic life; life as a hermit, religious recluse or anchorite. (AHN-kor-leef)

St Guthlac in one of his less reclusive moments. Guthlac Roll. Abbey of Crowland (Lincolnshire), 1175-1215. London, British Library, Harley Roll Y 6, f. 4r. []


Palm-sunnandæg, m.n: Palm Sunday (a moveable feast day commemorating Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, one week before Easter). [PALM-SUN-non-DÆY]

Christ on a donkey, en route to Jerusalem. The Taymouth Hours. England (London?), 2nd quarter of the 14th century. London, British Library, MS Yates Thompson 13, f. 114v. []