a-cennan, wk.v: to bring forth, produce, beget, renew. (“ah-chen-nan”)

Crist wæs acennyd. (“kreest wass ah-chen-nud”)

Christ was born.


Nativity scene from the Stowe Breviary. England, E. (Norwich), between 1322 and 1325. British Library, Stowe 12, f. 16v. [bl.uk]



gegaf-sprǣce, adj: given to buffoonery; scurrilous, vulgar.

Hē wæs gegaf-sprǣce. (“hay wass yeh-goff-sprach-eh”) He was vulgar in speech.

Hēo wæs gegaf-sprǣce. (“hay-oh wass yeh-goff-sprach-eh”) She was vulgar in speech.