word-hord, n.n: a word-hoard, a store of words. (WORD-HORD / ˈwɔrd-ˌhɔrd)

Today is a word-of-the-day redux from 2,731 days (and words) ago. I try not to repeat words, but I’m making an exception today because of a special announcement.

My book The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English will be published exactly six months from today!

Find out more and pre-order at oldenglishwordhord.com/book.

The Wordhord will be published in the UK by Profile Books on 11 November 2021.

Ever been to neorxnawang (paradise)? Or heard of a gafol-fisc (tax-fish)? Or spoken a word (word)? Discover the magic of Old English... coming November 2021.

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