Pēne, pl.n: the Carthaginians. (PAY-nuh / ˈpeː-nə)

The meeting of Aeneas and the Carthaginian queen Dido from Virgil’s Aeneid (and-for some reason-lots of dogs!). University of Edinburgh Centre for Research Collections, MS 195. France, 15th century.

4 thoughts on “Pēne

  1. Well, this is an odd one. By the time the Anglo-Saxons were settling in Britain the Carthaginians had ceased to exist for several hundred years. And Tunisia isn’t exactly near by. Why on earth did they have a specific word for them? It doesn’t even resemble the names of the two Carthaginians I have heard of (Dido, the fictional founder, and Hannibal Barca who is the source of the name Barcelona).


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