hwæl-weg, m.n: ‘whale-path’, the ocean. (H’WAL-WAY / ˈhwæl-ˌwɛj)

Thomas de Cantimpré, Liber de natura rerum, Valenciennes, BM, ms. 320, f. 111v. (c. 1285)

6 thoughts on “hwæl-weg

  1. Ah, yes, a particularly confusing pun as the word can be pronounced in two different ways: ‘base’ as in bass guitar; and the fish which rhymes with the Northern/Midlands pronunciation of ‘grass’ (not ‘grarse’ as they say in the south). All of which, for the pun to work, has to be understood to be a reference to a replacement bus service…
    It all worked so well in my head… 😉


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