lām, n.n: clay, mud, mire, earth, loam. (LAHM / ˈlaːm)

Miscellany. England (Canterbury), 11th century. British Library, Cotton MS Tiberius B V/1, f. 3r. [bl.uk]

2 thoughts on “lām

  1. Maybe you found out already, but the image is from the so-called Cotton Tiberius calendar in the British Library; the full reference is BL Cotton MS Tiberius B V, part I, of which the calendar illustrations run ff. 3r-8v. Not seen the manuscript myself, but I’m fairly confident in guessing the illustration is that for January (f. 3r), which is described as “plowing [sic] and sowing” on the online catalogue entry (http://searcharchives.bl.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/display.do?fn=display&vid=IAMS_VU2&afterPDS=true&doc=IAMS041-001102212). Encountered it or some of the other calendar illustrations in a fair few books, often hand-drawn copies of the original; it’s nice to see a colour version!


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