wæter, n.n: water.

Today marks the start of the Museum of Water exhibit at Somerset House, a live artwork by Amy Sharrocks. The Old English Wordhord of King’s College London is coming to the exhibit on Saturday 21 June for our Wæter-hord event, part of Midsummer Water Day, free entry, 12:00-17:30.

@OEWordhord will tweet Old English watery words during the two weeks leading up to the event.

If you have a favourite Old English word related to water (or a watery word you’d like to know how to say in Old English), please tweet it to @OEWordhord using the hashtag #OEwater. These words will be part of our Wæter-hord event on 21 June.  Also, there will be a screen for live-tweeting your #OEwater words on the day, so even if you aren’t in London, you can join us virtually at the event.

Browse the Old English Wordhord’s water words here on the blog.

4 thoughts on “wæter

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  3. Thanks for your work! I am currently working on my master thesis “Water Imagery in OE poetry: A formulaic approach”, so the water section is especially interesting 🙂


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