up-gang, m.n: up-gang, m.n: a going up, rising of a heavenly body; a going up to land from sea; a going up from the coast inland; a way of going up. (UP-gong)

Alexander the Great in a cage, being carried aloft by griffins in Le Livre et le vraye hystoire du bon roy Alixandre. France (Paris), c. 1420. London, British Library, Royal 20 B XX, f. 76v. [bl.uk]


gang, m.n: going, movement (especially on foot); power of walking, ability to walk; manner of walking, gait, walk; coming/going from one place to another, journey; way, road, path; course, lapse, passage (of a period of time); circuit, tract, expanse; legal process, a legal proceeding; company of people/followers; privy. (GONG)