Sweotolung-dæg, m.n: Epiphany (lit. ‘manifestation day’). [SWAY-oh-toh-lung-DÆγ]

0106 sweotolungdaeg

Adoration of the Magi, with female saints in niches: the Virgin Mary crowned with a lily-sceptre; St Clare (?) with a book; St Catherine with her wheel; St Margaret with a long cross and a dragon; a female saint with no emblem; and St Mary Magdalene with her pot of ointment). The Queen Mary Psalter. England, 1310-1320. British Library, Royal MS 2 B VII, f. 112v. [bl.uk]


ymbren-dæg, m.n: an Ember-day (the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between the third and fourth Sundays of Advent). There are four separate sets of Ember-days throughout the year on western Christian church calendars. These are days for fasting, abstinence and prayer. [IM-bren-DÆγ]

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