hopian, wk.v: to hope (for), look forward, look with expectation toward; aspire to (something anticipated); to trust, have confidence, place one’s faith (in something). (HOP-i-yahn / ˈhɔ-pɪ-an)


hetelic, adj: (of animate beings) full of hate, malicious, malevolent; (of lust, fornication) hateful, odious, repulsive; (of inanimate/immaterial things) severe, fierce, harsh, violent; (of winter) severe, bitter. (HEH-teh-litch / ˈhɛ-tɛ-lɪtʃ)


ōga, m.n: the feeling which is excited in a person, terror, dread, horror, great fear; an object which excites fear, a terrible, horrible thing. (OH-ga / ˈoː-ga)

Medieval manuscript image of a four-faced devil pushing men in a flaming wheelbarrow.
Taymouth Hours. England (London?), 2nd quarter of 14th century. British Library, Yates Thompson 13, f. 139v. [bl.uk]