hālig-mōnaþ, m.n: September (‘holy-month’). (HA-lih-MO-nath / ˈhaː-lɪj-ˌmoː-naθ)

Calendar pages for September, from the Hours of Joanna of Castile. Netherlands (Bruges), between 1496 and 1506. British Library, Additional 18852, ff. 9v-10. [blogs.bl.uk]

4 thoughts on “hālig-mōnaþ

  1. So many of the words you have shared have tickled my interest in word/language etymology. Not only do I see words that are similar to modern English, or explain modern English, but many are also parallel to their counterparts in Swedish. Today’s word is a case in point. Halig = heliga (Swedish = holy). From a couple of weeks ago – panic (millet in Old English) explained to me why there is a weedy annual grass called “panic grass”. It is a member of the millet family. I always wondered why anyone would panic about a little annual grass. But it was a whole different meaning than I thought. Thank you so much for this blog!!

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