collon-crōh, m.n: a waterlily. (“kol-lon-croh”)

14/03/16: Thanks to everyone who shared medieval images of waterlilies yesterday: Robert J S Briggs, @mwnciodLēoht SterenAlicia Mossand @melibeus1!


Pseudo-Apuleius Herbarium (late 11th century). Peristereon (Vervain) and Brionia (Black Bryony) on the left folio, Nimphea (Waterlily) and Chrision (Red Clover) on the right. From BibliOdyssey.


Egerton MS 747, fol. 67 (c. 1300). Pepperwort and Waterlily. From The British Library.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.22.51

Tractatus de Herbis (1440)

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.24.13

Compendium Salernitanum (1350/75)


2 thoughts on “collon-crōh

  1. Try taking a look at images from illustrated medieval herbariums (herbaria?). A quick search turned up: – The first folios from a late 11th-century ms includes a very stylised water lily, OE-era but not the most visually arresting image! – Slightly more recognisable (but all pads and tiny flowers!) is this page from BL Egerton MS 747 of c.1300 – Loads more super beautiful excerpts from illustrated herbals, including a couple of water-lilies


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