collon-crōh, m.n: a waterlily. (KOLL-on-KROH / ˈkɔl-lɔn-ˌkɹoːh)

Egerton MS 747, fol. 67 (c. 1300). Pepperwort and Waterlily. From The British Library.

2 thoughts on “collon-crōh

  1. Try taking a look at images from illustrated medieval herbariums (herbaria?). A quick search turned up: – The first folios from a late 11th-century ms includes a very stylised water lily, OE-era but not the most visually arresting image! – Slightly more recognisable (but all pads and tiny flowers!) is this page from BL Egerton MS 747 of c.1300 – Loads more super beautiful excerpts from illustrated herbals, including a couple of water-lilies


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