egesa, m.n; fear, horror, dread. (“eh-yes-ah”)


From Got Medieval blog: “The Wyvern is a fearsome beast related to the dragon with a poisonous tail-stinger and rows of sharp teeth, but it has one weakness. It fears no man clothed, but the sight of a naked man will make it start away in fear, open-mouthed. So is the lover at first naked and vulnerable from being in love, but later is clothed in his pride at being loved and gains courage from this.” (Oxford, Bodleian, MS Douce 308: Bestiaire d’Amour, i.e. The Bestiary of Love, written in the first quarter of the 14th century by Richard Fournival.)

2 thoughts on “egesa

  1. I thought the beastie looked somewhat alarmed. The caption makes it all clear! Although to be honest, it has the kind of expression anyone would be wearing if they turned round to see a naked bloke approaching from the rear with arms outstretched…

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