cōfa, m.n: a cove, cave, repository, inner room, chamber, ark. (KO-va / ˈkoː-va)

The Seven Sleepers. La Legende des Sains, Jacques de Voragine. France (Paris), 14th century. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Français 185, f. 234v. [gallica.bnf.fr]

3 thoughts on “cōfa

  1. Especially in view of the ongoing pandemic (God, gemiltsa urum sawlum) with the imposed curfews, this picture and the word cōfa are downright groundbreaking and very touching. Greetings from Europe.

    On the following Wikimedia Commons, you will find this picture together with a description and a reference to the source:

    “Description: Sept Dormants murés par Dèce (The Seven Sleepers Walled in By Decius). Cote: Français 185 , Fol. 234v. Vies de saints, France, Paris, XIVe siècle, Richard de Montbaston et collaborateurs”.

    And ic wylle þe þancian þæt þu dæghwamlice niwe word on þisum wordhorde gerecest, se þe soþa maþum is. [Hopefully I didn’t say anything insulting (which was really not my intention) with this sentence, which I just translated word for word from my mother tongue and then played a bit with the word endings: I am just a complete beginner with one language or another, maybe except with one. But finally I could not withstand, whyever…]

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words… and the ones in Old English too! It means a lot to me knowing that people are getting joy out of these posts. And thank you for identifying the image for me — I will update it with the info!


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