burg-weall, m.n: a city-wall.


Image from SUNY Oneonta School of Arts and Humanities: In 1317, Gilles, abbot of Saint Denis, presented King Philip V (“The Tall”) of France with a luxury copy of The Life of Saint Denis, a manuscript containing 77 miniatures illustrating the life and martyrdom of the first Bishop of Paris and patron saint of France. A companion volume (Paris, Bib. nat., lat. 13836) was completed in 1317, and although commissioned by the Abbot of Saint Denis, it appears to have been produced by the secular book trade, not in a monastic scriptorium.

“Here a group travellers arrive at the gate of the Cité. This reminds us of the important role the city walls played in the social, economic, and political life of the period. On the Petit Pont, a physician inspects a urine specimen while receiving payment from a woman. The river played a vital role in the economic life of Paris. Here a wine merchant has arrived with his cargo. Regulations prohibited the unloading of cargo by anyone other than a citizen of Paris. In order to bypass this regulation, the wine merchant sells a cask from his boat while another Parisian samples the wine in an adjoining boat.”

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