hearga, m.n: a place sacred to a god, with an idol and an altar; a temple, fane; an idol. (HAY-ar-ga)


Antiochus IV, crowned, with joined hands raised, kneels with two men, partially visible, before draped altar on which sits horned idol. Abrégé des histoires divines. France (possibly Amiens), between 1300 and 1310. New York, Morgan Library, MS M.751, f. 29v. [ica.themorgan.org]


cnoll, m.n: a knoll, hill-top, cop, summit. (K-NOLL)

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The Human Ear complaining to a personification of Nature that she has given him no such protection as the Eye was given with eyebrows. Spiegel der Weisheit, by Ulrich von Pottenstein. W. Austria (Salzburg), c. 1430. British Library, Egerton 1121, f. 38r. [bl.uk]