BBC: History Extra

2 March 2022: Hana Videen discusses Old English with Dave Musgrove. (35 minutes)

A Way with Words

29 May 2022: Martha Barnette discusses The Wordhord in a segment on Old English. (4 minutes)

The Great Books Podcast

5 July 2022: Hana Videen discusses the Old English poem Judith with John J. Miller. (31 minutes)

CBC: The Sunday Magazine

19 March 2023: Word Processing: The magic, mystery and legacy of Old English. If you’re outside of Canada, the CBC link might not work, but you can still listen to the podcast (starting at 1:24:20). (11 minutes)

Princeton UP Ideas

2 May 2022: Mark Klobas interviews Hana Videen about The Wordhord. (52 minutes)

The Medieval Podcast

1 June 2022: Danièle Cybulskie and Hana Videen chat about Old English and The Wordhord. (40 minutes)

First Things

29 September 2022: A conversation with Mark Bauerlein about ‘Our Forgotten Language’. (32 minutes)