hnappian, wk.v: to nap, doze, sleep lightly; to sleep. (HNAP-pee-ahn)

St Patrick napping on a knoll, with a figure on the right holding a book. Wauchier de Denain’s Lives of the Saints. France (Paris), 2nd quarter of the 13th century. London, British Library, MS Royal 20 D VI, f. 213v. []



hālga, m.n: saint. Happy St Patrick’s Day — wear medieval blue today!

Image: The tiny portrait comes from one of The Huntington’s rare treasures: a 13th-century French manuscript of the Legenda Aurea, or Golden Legend, a compilation of saints’ lives by Jacobus de Voragine.  It is the earliest known image of St Patrick, and he is wearing blue.  See Huntington Library blog for more info.