sinc-gifu, f.n: a gift of treasure, costly gift. [SINK-YI-voo]

And…a bonus word chosen by Matthew P. for Goldgifa Week!

hwæt, adj: quick, active, vigorous, stout, bold, brave. Also adv & interj: why, what! ah!, how, indeed. [HWAT]

One of my favourite words! This was a word-of-the-day back in November 2013 when the Old English Wordhord was only a couple weeks old.

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ān-ēged, v.participle: one-eyed, blinded of one eye. (“ahn-ay-yed”)

Today’s word is for Thomas (@msueyeboy).

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One-eyed bull. Thomas of Cantimpré, Liber de natura rerum. France, c. 1290. Valenciennes, Bibliothèque municipale, MS. 320, fol. 82r. []

Bull’s eye?