bōc-rǣdere, m.n: a reader of books. (BOAK-RAE-deh-ruh / ˈboːk-ˌræː-dɛ-rə)

Eālā, bōc-rǣderas: The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English is out in bookstores today! Find out more.

A book, The Wordhord: Daily Life in Old English, by Hana Videen, against a background of woven textiles. The cover background is white with a gold and red border with decorative gold dots. The title and author’s name are written inside an arched window shape, with a border of Old English words surrounding it: wæfre-gange, gafol-fisc, hring-finger, on-lucan, cwen, æg, dust, beo-gang, lig-draca, wyrd, dream-cræft, hærfest, and druncen-georn. The area surrounding the Old English word border has wood-cut style illustrations in red and gold, each in its own compartment but overlapping slightly: a spider, a fish, the letter h in a calligraphic style, a hand with a ring, a key, a woman carrying a basket of eggs, a bee, a dragon, an ink pot and quill with scroll of paper, a man playing a harp, a bundle of wheat, and a goblet.
Published in the UK by Profile Books today: 11 November 2021. Publication in North America by Princeton University Press coming 10 May 2022.

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