mere-strǣt, f.n: the road which the sea furnishes; literally, ‘mere-street’, the sea.

calm seas

Image from a blog post by Hermano Juancito: Christ is depicted twice in this miniature. On the left he is sleeping during a storm and Peter is trying to wake him up. On the right he blesses and calms the waves of the mere-strǣt. There appear to be two creatures (flying fish?) in the sky above. If anyone knows where this is from, please comment below, because that is all the info I have on it.

Note (07/06/15): Helen Anderson notes the resemblance of these fish to the Saint-Pierre fish in her comment below. Here’s an image of one, which comes from an interesting blog post about it from Behind the French Menu.

John Dory

2 thoughts on “mere-strǣt

  1. The fish are very distinctive, they look like John Dory, aka St. Pierre fish; they have a big spot on the side which is supposedly St. Peter’s thumbprint when he blessed them. Only thing is, they are a saltwater fish and St Peter was, we assume, a freshwater lake fisherman, but such details have never bothered anyone! I wonder if it’s a confusion of the two stories, unless that’s St Peter blessing them.

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    • I just googled them and they do look quite similar–very interesting! I wonder why they are in the sky rather than the water. Is that just a miraculous side effect of the blessing?


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