lagu-strǣt, a water-street, the sea.


I’ll admit it — I chose another water word just because I wanted to share another wonderful sea monster image from! This hippocamp is from the Ashmole Bestiary, c. 1225-1250. Strange Science says: ‘The fish with a horse’s head, the hippocamp, started out as art. Artists of the Classical world apparently thought that hippocamps looked cool pulling Poseidon’s chariot. Over the centuries, these horse-fish hybrids came to be regarded as real, appearing in maps by Olaus Magnus and Abraham Ortelius among others. In the Christian moral instruction book Physiologus, the hippocamp, sometimes known as Hydrippus, symbolized Moses. Eventually it was demoted to regular sea creature, sometimes grouped with cetaceans. In this colorful medieval illumination, the hippocamp inhabits a fish-eat-fish world.’

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