Wordhord and OE Flashmob at Southampton

Only one month away!

What: An ‘Old English Flashmob’ including…

  • Wordhord art installation led by @OEWordhord and other postgraduate students from the Centre of Late Antique and Medieval Studies, King’s College London
  • Replica Anglo-Saxon artefacts for handling
  • Screen / digital replicas of Staffordshire Hoard artefacts
  • Research posters from staff and students at Southampton and other universities
  • Replica Sutton Hoo helmet for ‘Saxon Selfies’
  • Mead tasting

Why: To celebrate the launch of the new University of Southampton first-year module ‘Multimedia Old English: Song, Skin and Cyberspace’

When: Monday 17 November, 10am-5pm

Where: Avenue Campus, University of Southampton

Who: The cohort of c.160 students taking the new module, as well as others at the University of Southampton and beyond. If you’re around, stop by!

How: For the Wordhord art installation, we need to build a wordhord…starting today! Whether or not you are able to attend the event, please send us your favourite Old English words so we can use them on the day. You can do this one of two ways:

  • Comment on this post below
  • Tweet to @OEWordhord using #OEFlashmob

4 thoughts on “Wordhord and OE Flashmob at Southampton

  1. I have lots of favourite OE words! To get the ball rolling, here are a few:
    wit (the dual pronoun meaning ‘we two’ or ‘the two of us’)
    uht (dawn)
    dustsceawung (contemplation of dust / thinking about ruins)
    ellen (eager courage – ask me what my daughter’s called…!)
    Really looking forward to the Flashmob event on Nov 17th!


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